Advanced In-Motion Weighing Scales

Increase operational efficiency in packaging, shipping, and inventory management with a UniFide CST in-motion weighing scale. These scales are designed to accurately weigh objects moving across your conveyor belt, allowing you to integrate the process directly into your production or transportation line. No need to set up a separate weighing station or stop your high-volume workflow to measure weight. You can do it all right where your product or inventory is already moving.

Seamless Integration and Advanced Technology

Our in-motion scales seamlessly integrate into existing conveyor systems, making it easy to level up your productivity without modifying your current setup. Our scales use advanced sensors and software algorithms to boost your dynamic weighing capabilities with reliable, precise measurements. Use real-time data to track inventory, ensure fulfillment accuracy, and optimize your supply chain.

Enhanced Efficiency with Continuous Weighing

Our in-motion weighing systems let you effortlessly weigh items as they pass on your conveyor belt or similar transportation system. You can reduce manual handling and the need for a separate station, streaming your workflows and minimizing potential bottlenecks and errors. These scales significantly quicken the weighing process, increasing throughput and your overall efficiency. All this can save you on labor, rework, and product or inventory waste costs.

Precise Measurements Without Pause

Eliminate the need to slow down or stop your conveyor system to obtain accurate weighing data. With our in-motion scales, you receive precise measurements for objects in motion, even at high speeds. This combination of speed and accuracy ensures your high-volume operation adheres to quality and regulatory standards without bogging down workflows with unnecessary stops and starts. You save on time and resources and can easily expand your weighing process as demand increases.

Revolutionize Your Weighing Processes with UniFide CST

At UniFide CST, we’re committed to your operational success. We ensure the quality and longevity of our in-motion weighing scales with our comprehensive customer support. It all starts with a quick quote to help you find the right scale for your operation. Once you’ve found the scale that will improve your productivity and efficiency, we offer support through our installation, maintenance, and repair services. Whenever you have a question or concern, our friendly experts are ready to lend a hand.

Don’t wait to upgrade your dynamic weighing systems. Contact us today to learn more about how our in-motion scales can transform your high-volume operation and to request a quote.

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