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Mettler Toledo has been a world leader in the scale industry for decades, and we back their products completely.

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With one of the largest parts inventories in the Midwest, UniFide CST is equipped to provide customers with efficient and durable scales and services.



UniFide CST’s one of a kind service provides personalized assistance for weighing systems, thermal printing equipment, and data collection.


From farms to factories, airports to scrap yards, UniFide CST offers the perfect weighing solutions. Our durable, precise scales and systems help businesses in over 15 industries optimize processes, maximize profits, and ensure compliance.

“I want to say thank you.  The professionalism and speed that you and your guys have done things at up to this point has been wonderful.  I truly appreciate your help with our situation.”
Brian Orth, All American Co-op

“In May of 2012 our facility experienced a direct lightning strike.  Our Mettler Toledo digital truck scale and indicator were unaffected.  The lighting strike did not even require a service call of the truck scale.  The accuracy, reliability and durability of the Mettler Toledo digital truck scale is the best there is.”

Kurt Rutlin, Owner, Copper Road Receiving Station



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No Need to Stop: In-Motion Weighing Systems

If you’ve ever dealt with a line of trucks waiting to be weighed before leaving your business, you may have wondered: Can you weigh something in motion? The answer is yes. In-motion weighing is a cost-effective, efficient way to collect data and capture the weight of incoming and outgoing trucks without the stop-and-go of traditional stationary scales. Whether you’re curious about renting truck scales for the first time or simply want to improve the efficiency of your current system, here’s everything you need to know about weigh-in-motion scales and how they can help your business. What Are In-Motion Weighing Systems? Weigh-in motion scales (also known as WIM) are weighing systems designed to measure the weight of moving objects. Most scales require the object – in this case, a vehicle – to be stationary to capture [...]

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Scale Not Working? How to Tell If a Scale Needs to Be Replaced

From science labs to manufacturing warehouses, industrial scales are essential for keeping business operating smoothly. While industrial scales are designed to be durable, they can’t last forever.  If your scale is broken and needs to be replaced, you want to know ASAP to help limit downtime. Keep reading to learn how to tell if your scale is broken so you can start looking for a replacement.  How Long Does an Industrial Scale Last? Industrial scales are meant to withstand the rigors of their environments, and a quality scale can last you for years. However, no two scales have the same lifespan, and several factors can impact how long your scale lasts. The frequency of use, maintenance upkeep, and environment can all affect your scale’s lifespan.  5 Signs You May Need to Replace Your Scale When [...]

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