Hazardous Material Scales

Hazardous Material Scales For Any Environment

At UniFide CST, we know safety and accuracy are crucial when weighing hazardous substances. Our hazardous material scales are designed for specialized environments like yours, with a heavy focus on providing precision and safety for your employees.

Safety Features Are at the Forefront of Our Hazardous Materials Scales

Whether you’re in chemical manufacturing, oil refining, paint manufacturing, or fertilizer production, the safety of your employees is always a top priority. Our hazardous substances scales are expertly designed with the most advanced safety features, including:

  • Explosion-proof components
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Durable enclosures

These features ensure your employees can safely operate our hazardous material scales in the most challenging industrial environments. Our scales prove that prioritizing accuracy doesn’t mean sacrificing safety – and safety doesn’t have to risk accuracy.

Crucial Measurements Call for Precision and Reliability

Accurate weighing data is crucial to helping prevent overfilling, underfilling, or improper mixing ratios, all of which can put your business and employees at risk. Additionally, precise scales can help ensure compliance with critical safety regulations surrounding hazardous substances. And let’s not forget about your profit margins. Inaccurate weighing can lead to product and material waste, and many hazardous materials tend to have a higher price tag.
UniFide CST hazardous materials scales provide the consistent, accurate measurements you need to handle and manage hazardous materials safely.

Hazardous Materials Scales With Durable Designs

Regularly handling hazardous materials can cause significant wear and tear on scales that aren’t purpose-built for hazardous environments. UniFide CST scales, on the other hand, are specially designed to withstand the demands of hazardous materials measuring.

Our scales offer long-term performance and reduce the need for regular replacement. Longer-lasting, more durable designs make UniFide CST hazardous materials scales more cost-effective for specialty industries like yours.

UniFide CST Is Committed to Support and Quality

We understand that you rely on scales for safety and compliance. UniFide CST stands behind the quality of our hazardous materials scales, and we offer a robust warranty for all our products.
In addition to our comprehensive warranty, we’re proud to offer expert customer support throughout your product journey. Our team is committed to quality and reliability from the time that you purchase your scales to any future service needs you may have.

Contact us today to learn more about UniFide CST hazardous materials scales and how they can help you improve safety and accuracy in your operations.

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