High-Quality Tank & Hopper Scales

Precise, Durable Tank/Hopper Scales

Accurately measure the weight of materials stored in tanks, hoppers, or silos with help from UniFide CST. Whether you’re handling feedstock, raw materials, or finished products, our tank/hopper scales are the ultimate solution for bulk material weighing.

Efficient Bulk Material Handling

UniFide CST’s tank/hopper scales can improve your bulk material handling and weighing procedures. Our scales deliver highly accurate measurements with each reading so you can feel confident in your inventory management and process control. We aim to help keep your operations efficient, compliant, and cost-effective through precise, reliable weighing data.

User-friendly interfaces and advanced technology make our tank weighing scales intuitive to use and easy to integrate with existing systems. You’ll enjoy boosted productivity and minimal operational complexities.

Durable Design for Various Industrial Applications

Like all our industrial weighing systems, our tank/hopper scales feature a robust design to withstand heavy use demands. Our scales can provide consistent performance and longevity in even the harshest environments, from breweries to animal feed producers to chemical processing plants.

Monitor and Control Inventory with Ease

Our tank/hopper scales provide accurate weighing data so you always know exactly how much material is within your container. This weighing data lets you effectively manage your inventory to reduce the risk of stock shortages or overages. With real-time data on the amount of material in your tank or hopper, you can continuously monitor your inventory with ease — no need for manual samples.

Batching and mixing? Filling and dispensing? No matter the steps involved in your process, our scales help optimize your operations. Accurate weighing data lets you track and control your inventory to reduce waste and enhance efficiency. You can keep ratios precise and ensure each container has just the right amount of material.

The UniFide CST Difference

Whether you’re in the agricultural, food and beverage, waste management, manufacturing, or pharmaceutical industry, UniFide CST has the right tank weighing system for you. Our experienced, knowledgeable team is on standby to help find the best tank/hopper scale for your operation.

With comprehensive technical support, a robust warranty, and expert calibration and repair services, you can trust that you and your scale are in good hands with UniFide CST.
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