Precise Scale Indicators

Boost Operational Efficiency with Advanced Scale Indicators

UniFide CST scale indicators are designed for maximum precision and user-friendliness. Compatibility with a wide range of scales ensures system versatility, whether you need to display data from laboratory balances or truck scales.

Even the best scales are only useful with an indicator to show the readout. However, not just any indicator will do. You need an indicator engineered for your industrial environment, the type of work you do, and the specific functions you need. Most importantly, you need an indicator that’s accurate and user-friendly.

Limit Operator Errors with Easy-to-Use Scale Indicators

User experience is crucial for increasing efficiency and minimizing human errors. You don’t want a confusing interface eating up time as your technicians struggle to find the correct function or information. Our scale indicators are designed with the user in mind and have intuitive interfaces. As a result, your staff can be more productive and avoid weighing errors.

State-of-the-Art Indicator Technology Ensures Maximum Reliability

UniFide CST scale indicators use the latest technology to ensure responsive, reliable, and accurate measurements. Depending on your industry, certain environmental factors can compromise an indicator (i.e., electrical noise). We have the tech you need to keep your operation flowing smoothly.

Our indicators have advanced connectivity options and high-resolution displays. They also support seamless integration with various data management tools and weighing systems. UniFide CST has indicators that can provide simple weigh monitors or automate the entire process. For example, our top-of-the-line Rice Lake Scale indicators can do much more than just provide a readout.

Compatible with Various Scales to Give You More Flexibility

Whether you need something for heavy industrial use or precise laboratory work, UniFide CST indicators are compatible with a wide range of scales. Our scale and load cell weight indicators are highly versatile, allowing you to include them in almost any system. They are perfect for various applications, so you can easily integrate them throughout your operation.

Dedicated Customer Support for Your Scale Indicators

At UniFide CST, we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. We are customer-focused and flexible. For us, every question is an opportunity to learn and provide value. Regardless of your industry and scale needs, we can help you with indicators and other weighing solutions. Our Scale Indicators include a robust warranty and assurance of comprehensive support, ensuring that they consistently meet your weighing and operational requirements.

Upgrade Your Weighing System with UniFide CST Indicators

UniFide CST’s team of experts is here to answer any questions about indicators or other scale systems. Contact us today to learn how our indicator solutions can improve your operator’s efficiency, flexibility, data management, and weighing productivity.

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