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Parts Counting Scales for Maximum Efficiency

Improve accuracy, efficiency, and productivity with an industrial parts counting scale from UniFide CST. Our scales are fast and accurate, allowing you to maintain inventory accuracy and optimize your workflows. With robust, versatile designs, our counting scales can be used for anything from bolts and screws to large finished products — offering the flexibility needed to complete a wide range of counting tasks. Get in touch to learn more about the wide array of applications across various industries our counting scales have.

Revolutionize Your Counting and Inventory Management Processes

Counting scales automate the counting process by comparing the weight of your load to the known weight of a single item to determine the quantity you have. You can conduct fast, error-free counts of identical objects, making these scales a must for any business where precise counts are critical.

Whether you’re counting parts for manufacturing projects, tablets and capsules in a pharmaceutical setting, or products for order fulfillment at an e-commerce company, a high-quality counting scale can help streamline your operations. Instant, precise weighing and counting data make it easy to track inventory, keep accurate counts and records for regulatory compliance, ensure production quality control, and much more.

Save Big on Time, Labor, and Other Costs

Manually counting is time-consuming and prone to human error, especially when working with small and numerous parts. By automating the process, our counting scales can help you save significantly on time and labor costs. The scale does it all for you, so you don’t have to hire or assign an employee to counting projects.

A counting scale can also help you track parts or products coming and leaving. With an accurate count, you can ensure customers are charged appropriately, you received the correct number of parts in your order, or your finished product contains the right number of parts. Reduced errors mean reduced costs from delayed projects, missed order inventory, or unhappy customers.

UniFide CST Counting Scales Are Easy to Use — No Matter Your Experience

You don’t need to spend time or resources on in-depth training. Our scales feature intuitive interfaces and clear displays. Employees of any skill level should have no trouble using the scale, reducing the risk of human error in the counting process. You can depend on your counting scale to provide an accurate count every time.

Trust UniFide CST for Industrial Counting Scales

When you choose UniFide CST, you get much more than a scale. Our expert team gets to know you and your business so we can recommend the best counting scales for your needs. And our support doesn’t stop at the sale or rental. We offer comprehensive maintenance, repair, and calibration services to help keep your scale in peak condition and minimize operational downtime.

Ready to take your inventory management processes to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about our parts counting scales and request a quote.

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