In today’s fast-paced world, automating as many processes as possible is crucial for maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs. Every industry relies on weighing automation to meet demand. Learn about automated scale systems and their benefits, and then let UniFideCST help with your operation upgrade.

What Is an Automated Weighing System?

An automated weighing system allows a business to measure the weight of objects without the need for manual intervention. 

Depending on the industry and task, automation can look different. For quality control in manufacturing, it might be a scale that ensures an object falls within the correct weight range. In pharmaceuticals, the system may automatically dispense and mix liquids or powders. In the agricultural industry, an automated scale may be used to accurately fill bags with bulk material. Automated systems can help your business complete essential tasks without involving a human.

Types of Automated Weighing Systems

Many scales and systems can be considered automated. Common automated weighing systems include dispensers, check weighing systems, in-motion scales, and unattended truck scale kiosks

Automated Dispensers/Batching Systems

Industries like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food and beverage production require specific quantities of ingredients to be blended together according to a formula. Having a person (or team of people) individually weigh out each ingredient, add them to a container, and mix them would be highly time-consuming and costly. 

These industries leverage the accuracy and speed of automated dispensers and batching systems to improve productivity, maintain high levels of accuracy, and remain compliant with regulations. Batching systems can be fully automated and controlled by software that ensures each ingredient is added in proportion. The machine and its scale do it all without a human needing to measure or mix.

Check Weighing Systems

Check weighers verify the weight of packaged items, making them crucial for quality control and regulatory compliance. With a manual system, an employee would need to weigh each package, log its weight, and ensure it falls within the appropriate weight range. They would need to go package by package, which simply isn’t an option in high-volume environments.

A check weighing system is often integrated directly into a production line. As packages move through the line, the integrated scale measures their weight. Packages within the specified weight range are accepted, while over or underweight packages are automatically rejected. 

Automating these processes saves your operation money through labor costs, regulatory fees, and customer satisfaction. You don’t have to dedicate employees specifically to checking packages. By staying compliant with weighing regulations, you don’t have to worry about fees and other costs. Finally, using a check weighing system for quality control saves you on costs associated with unhappy customers and product returns. 

In-Motion Weighing Systems

In-motion, or conveyor scale, systems are also frequently used in production lines. However, their main purpose is to provide continuous weighing data for inventory management, sorting, shipping, and billing based on weight. These scales are integrated into a conveyor system, allowing you to gather crucial weight information without interruption. You don’t need a human to remove the item from the conveyor belt, take it to a scale, and measure the weight. It’s all done right then and there. 

Unattended Truck Scales

Those in the logistics and shipping industry know how tedious and time-consuming truck weighing can be — especially if there’s a line. Unattended truck kiosks can process truck weights without an operator present, allowing for easy 24/7 truck weighing. The driver simply follows the kiosk prompts, drives onto the truck scale, and receives a ticket with all the necessary information. No long lines, getting out of the cab, or waiting for a human operator. 

Benefits of Automated Industrial Weighing Scales

Automated scales can provide countless cost- and labor-saving benefits. Here are just a few. 

Increased Accuracy and Consistency

By removing humans from the process, you can significantly reduce errors. Precise sensors and calibrated measurements mean you receive more accurate, consistent data, which is crucial for regulatory compliance and quality control. 

Improved Speed and Efficiency

A person can only work so fast. These scales are designed to process high volumes of items at fast speeds. You can gather real-time weighing data on production lines or during shipping, significantly speeding up operations. 

Reduced Labor Costs

Automated systems reduce the need for manual weighing, which allows you to assign your employees to more important tasks. Plus, you reduce the chances of human-related errors or injuries, both of which can be costly. 

Better Data Management

You don’t need someone to stand there and write down weights or enter them into spreadsheets. Automated systems can be integrated with your existing information systems, making it easier to collect, organize, and monitor weighing data. This integration supports better inventory management and quality assurance processes. Systems can also often generate detailed audits, which will help with industry standards and compliance. 


Automation systems are designed to be scalable. They can quickly adapt to business needs and sizes for the utmost flexibility. Whether for small-scale boutique operations or large industrial environments, these weighing systems can be customized to fit specific requirements. As your business changes, your system will be ready to adapt along with you. 

Customize Your Automation System with UniFide CST

Automated weighing scales can be crucial for speed and precision. If you’re interested in adding automated scales to your manufacturing or production process, reach out to UniFide CST. We carry a wide selection of high-quality industrial scales for a range of uses — including automated systems. We partner with brands like Mettler Toledo and Rice Lake to offer you weighing systems you know you can count on. Contact us today to get a quote or request more information.