Unattended truck scale systems can drastically improve your weighing operations through efficient automation. Highly customizable and fully automated, unattended weighing kiosks boost throughput and reduce errors. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read on to learn more about these systems and how they can benefit your business.

What Is an Unattended Truck Scale?

Unattended truck scales can process transactions at any time without a scale operator. These systems work on a self-service principle where the truck driver can process the weighing independently. You can run your weighing operations 24/7 locally or in remote areas. 

Truck weighing is critical for many industries, but this process can cause a bottleneck in your operations. Today, all businesses are adopting some level of automation to improve productivity. Unattended truck scales help streamline weighing processes and can significantly increase the effectiveness of your truck scale

Benefits of Unattended Truck Scale Kiosks

Automating the truck weighing process can benefit almost any business. However, unattended truck scale systems are particularly beneficial for high-volume applications. Likewise, complex material loading and delivery sites can benefit from unattended scale systems as they can control truck flow and direct drivers to their loading/unloading spots.

Increased Productivity and Profitability

Unattended truck scales mean you’re no longer limited by the scale operator’s shift hours. Removing the need for a human operator allows your business to accept trucks coming in after hours — jobs you’d usually have to reject. With a 24/7 unattended kiosk, your scale is ready whenever the trucks arrive. Additionally, the driver doesn’t have to leave their truck and interact with an operator, expediting the weighing process.

Unattended scales make vehicle weighing faster and more flexible, allowing the weighing process to occur whenever necessary. Increased throughput results in higher productivity and profitability, giving you a greater ROI on your scale. 

Simplified Truck Scaling For Drivers

Drivers going in and out of your facility can weigh their trucks with far more ease using unattended scale systems. They usually won’t have to leave their truck. Instead, they can approach the unattended kiosk, reach it with their hand, and complete the entire process in less than a minute. Drivers can identify themselves using a QR code, RFID tag, magnetic card, NFC, or select their vehicle from the pre-defined list on the touch screen.

Unattended systems log the vehicle arrival time, tare weight, gross weight, net weight, vehicle ID, weighted product, and other necessary data. These systems are customizable and can be adapted to most business operations, whether you are a waste processing facility, feed mill, or load-out facility. 

Streamlined Truck Weighing Operations Without a Scale Operator

Manual truck weighing processes can lead to bottlenecks. Drivers have to leave their cabs (possibly several times), and a line of drivers can quickly build in front of the scale house as documents are signed and verified. Getting all the transactional details right puts strain on the scale operator and the drivers, who have to wait while everyone is served. 

Also, some applications make having the operator at the scale impossible or unfeasible. For example, the high-volume vehicle inflow to a municipal waste collection can make manual scaling inefficient.

Unattended weighing kiosks can eliminate these problems by providing streamlined process control. Every truck has its ID and other relevant information automatically processed at the scale without human intervention.

Improved Safety

Since truck drivers don’t have to leave their trucks with unattended kiosks, they get to stay within the safety of their cabins. Truck scales can be slippery in rain and snow, especially steel weighbridges. Likewise, the site itself can pose an increased risk of injury for non-employees, like construction sites or landfills. The risk of injury is significantly reduced if the drivers don’t have to leave the truck and walk around the site and its traffic lanes. 

Fewer Transaction Errors

Human scale operators can make input errors, especially under increased workloads. Many weighing operations have peak times when work is concentrated, which can lead to transaction errors. After all, humans make mistakes — it’s only natural. But, these transactional errors can be costly and hurt customer relationships.

Unattended truck scales virtually eliminate transaction errors. Everything is logged at the kiosk, and the data is transferred to you and available for printing. Depending on your setup, the data can also be emailed to the truck driver and other stakeholders. 

Boost Productivity and Streamline Your Truck Weighing Operations with UniFide CST

Unattended weighing kiosks can be a game-changer for your operation’s speed and efficiency. UniFide CST has a great selection of unattended weighing kiosks from the industrial truck scale brands you trust. Contact our team today to learn more and get a quote.